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CST Students With Disabilities Workshop


CSTSWD Workshop 2


The workshop below will help you prepare for the NYS Teacher Certification Exam, Students With Disabilities exam.
Some Touro College professors ask that you take this workshop and email a certificate with grade to them. There will be an email link at the end of the exam to allow you to do this.

Professor Stein's students are asked to email the results to the email below and also place an image of each workshop on their E-portfolio site.

The Exam format is really a training. Rather  than testing to assess what you know, we would rather you learn as you go through the questions. To accomplish this we have provided links to definitions, websites and even public video.

You may take this workshop/training/exam as many times as you wish. Questions however are randomized and will vary.

Your comments on this workshop are requested. If you send a comment please have the subject line: CSTSWD COMMENT: your name, school, course, professor.

Good Luck,

Professor Stein

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